Jonas photographs dancers from ‘Dance On’ – an international company with extraordinary performers over 40.

For the second global collaboration between all 27 issues of Vogue, Pieter Hugo directs members of Swagg United – a community dance group based in Atlantis, Cape Town.

For Vogue Italia’s Animal Issue Pieter Hugo photographs the women of the Black Mambas – the world’s first all female anti-poaching unit operating at the Balule Natural Reserve, South Africa.

Carlota is selling posters to fundraise for Proyecto Daphne – a project by RESCATE seeking to support vulnerable immigrant and refugee women and mothers in Spain. The poster is available to buy here with all proceeds going to RESCATE.

The story of Iguana Island communicates a sense of opportunity when we step out of our comfort zones. A narrative that reminds us to connect with the important things, whether that be connecting with others or thinking more ecologically. Published by Hato Press.