Polly is showing a collection of works at Timothy Taylor, New York in a group exhibition exploring perspectives on the body and figure.

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The series brings together more than 100 head and shoulders portraits realised by Pieter since the early 2000s, offering an expansive overview of his engagement with this particular tradition of portraiture.

4 JULY – 26 SEPTEMBER 2021

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The first concept housed in the Immersive Room at Browns Brook Street, their new London flagship.

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The book is exclusively available in all DVN stores and at Copyright Bookshop.

Playwright Jeremy O. Harris discusses the grounding force of his friendships made at grad school.

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Old friends Antonio Banderas, Rossy De Palma, Pedro Almodóvar, and Penélope Cruz reflect on three decades of collaboration and friendship.

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Juno’s limited edition shirt for the OOF x UMBRO SS21 collaboration plays on familiar Calypso themes, emblazoned with the name of an imagined brothel, and set against a heady wall of wavy pink stripes. It’s confrontational, sinister and undeniably Juno Calypso.

Carlota’s first book “I Have a Dragon Inside My Heart” will be published by Prestel in late April.

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Jonas shoots Equinox’s global brand campaign featuring world champion and Olympic fencer Miles Chamley-Watson.