The Humane League

Forgotten Fish Campaign by Isabella Cotier

Isabella has created a series of artworks and a travelling mural in support of The Humane League’s #ForgottenFish campaign, which aims to prevent the suffering of farmed fish in the UK.

The campaign and petition seeks to protect fish at their most vulnerable, urging the government to improve fish welfare and introduce proper legal protections.

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"One of the biggest obstacles to gathering support for fish is people think they are so different from us, and can’t recognise their suffering. That is why Isabella’s work is so important: by depicting fish in a magical and dreamlike context we can suddenly see their value. Social progress is driven by emotional change as much as intellectual change, and by challenging our preconceptions Isabella has made a profound argument through her art - that fish are animals worth protecting."

~ Amro Hussain, Senior Public Affairs Lead at The Humane League UK