Polly Brown / Reconfigured

Timothy Taylor New York

Presented in New York, RECONFIGURED exhibits ten artists living and working in the United Kingdom, whose work explores perspectives on the body and figure. Together, their works reveal how a new generation of artists in the U.K. is challenging visual traditions and cultural assumptions surrounding the depiction of the body.

The new suite of work from POLLY BROWN finds its genesis in Félix Fénéon’s 1906 writings, ‘Novels in Three Lines’. These stories of murder, mayhem and everyday life are harnessed to become satirical and unidentifiable portraits, interrupted by unexpected sculptural elements. Sand, wood, mirror and soot, Brown uses materiality to obfuscate and complicate these photographic works, encouraging the viewer, with a wry sense of humour, to decode their meaning. Sitting somewhere between ‘hard-boiled’ detective fiction and the Theatre of the Absurd, the series simultaneously evokes the occult and the slap stick, the existential and the banal.

Curated by Rose Easton

Exhibition / 29 April – 12 June 2021
Address / 518 West 19th, New York

Open by appointment Tuesday to Saturday 10am–5pm. Please contact info@timothytaylor.com to make an appointment.