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Anyone who loves books must surely love cookbooks. Beautifully designed & photographed, they become such adored household items that the better they’re used, the more valuable they are. In a fire, you might save your mum’s recipe book first – your relationship with food a result of your relationship with love.

Many creative relationships are like finding a sense of kinship, a deeply platonic and rewarding familiarity of someone’s taste, sense and expression. Our industry is full of these relationships and they are not celebrated enough.

This book aims to mark such a creative kinship between Viviane & Phillip Lim. Having met in 2015 they went on to produce four campaigns together in Morocco, Bhutan, Ethiopia and New Jersey. Spending time on the road producing work with as low a footprint as possible in areas of outstanding natural beauty, often by the invitation of the local community.

The cookbook is a result of Phillip's passion for food, his memories of his mother’s cooking, and his belief in friendship. For Viviane, she was able to illustrate these recipes using images she’d shot in Madagascar and other parts of Africa, then painting over them to create textures that bring them to life.

Designed by Roosje Klaap, printed by Wonderful Books and published by us at We Folk.

The edition of 500 is now sold out although a few copies are still available by contacting

Viviane Sassen
Phillip Lim
Roosje Klaap
Wonderful Books