'Moments in Motion'

An exhibition by Isabella Cotier in association with Rio Cinema & Mubi


Please join us for Isabella Cotier's upcoming exhibition on 13th June at the iconic Rio Cinema in Dalston. Isabella has crafted a collection of artworks that pay homage to Rio Cinema, drawing inspiration from the world of film.

Isabella shared the following about the exhibition:

"Rio Cinema possesses a unique vibrancy that truly sets it apart—a quality I aimed to capture and celebrate through a series of artworks inspired by film. My pieces are derived from cinematic stills and fleeting moments of motion, exploring the translation of filmic moments onto paper. This artistic journey led me to seek out not just any scenes, but those with strikingly unconventional compositions, bold colour palettes, and impactful themes.

As I delved into various films, from mainstream hits like "Jaws" and "Cocaine Bear" to more avant-garde selections such as "The Rendez-Vous a deja vu", I found myself instinctively drawn to certain recurring themes—chaos, absurdity, the struggles of creation, tension, and voyeurism. It's fascinating to consider how films resonate differently with each viewer, reflecting our personal experiences and the unique moments we live through.

Through this series, I hope not only to express my profound passion for cinema but also to inspire others to frequent places like Rio Cinema. By encouraging more people to experience the magic of the big screen, we can ensure that such extraordinary venues continue to thrive and be cherished."

– Isabella Cotier