Le Fumistol

by Fumiko Imano

In her latest self-published twins series, "LE FUMISTOL," Fumiko Imano captures her novel travels through pandemic-time Paris.

Travelling on assignment and navigating the strict travel restrictions of 2021, Imano stumbled upon the quaint yet luxurious Hotel Le Bristol.

Her 15-day quarantine-turned-retreat unfolded against the backdrop of a Paris devoid of its quintessential charm. With cafes and restaurants shuttered, and curfews looming at 18:00, the city bore little resemblance to its vibrant self.

Yet, within the confines of her temporary abode, Fumiko and her twin found solace in Le Bristol’s empty corridors and in the camaraderie of its staff.

LE FUMISTOL serves as a playful reminder of the fleeting nature of extraordinary moments, and is exclusively available to buy in the UK & Europe on wefolk.shop