'La Grande Oasi – The Way We Live, Now'

by Massimo Vitali

For this newly commissioned series created for Oasy Contemporary Art Massimo Vitali left the comfort of his crowded beaches and moved into a harsher and more silent territory.

Famously shooting high above swathes of leisure seekers on Europe's coastlines, the new works instead focus more intimately on the people who live and work in Italy's Pistoia Apennines.

Earlier works taken on colourful beaches, parks and rivers sit in dialogue alongside the new works, providing a unique document of the diverse and changing relationships between man and nature.

Nestled in the hills of Tuscany in a former cattle barn, the exhibition can be reached by a 40 minute walk through the woods of the Oasy Dynamo nature reserve.⁠


August 5th - November 5th 2023

OCA Oasy Contemporary Art, San Marcello Piteglio, Pistoia.

Curator: Giovanna Calvenzi⁠.
Art Director: Emanuele Montibeller⁠.
Installation images by Mattia Marasco.⁠
Video by Flora Del Debbio.
In collaboration with Mazzoleni Art⁠.