Generation Study

Austin, Texas

Fifteen years ago Sam took a camera across America on a project that would launch his career and drive the start of a lifetime passion for photographing people. Last year, when an opportunity arose to retrace some of these memories in the form of a new body of work, he eagerly accepted and headed to Austin, Texas to begin.

Generation Study is a project that looks to challenge traditional notions that age is a force that slows you down, or one that must reduce quality of life. Over the course of 10 days, Sam went and met different individuals who were thriving in their later years and not letting age be a deterrent to their passions.

There are Cheryl and Steve, a couple who met playing snooker forty years ago and still play together every week at their local billiards hall.

There is George, an established and respected member of the community who for 8 years has led the town’s Annual Watermelon Parade and continues to do so now with his dozen grandchildren in tow.

There is also Mike, the friendly but shy owner of the local bait shop who knows pretty much anything you would ever need to know about fishing and has grown up beside that same lake his whole life.

Old age is forever stereotyped with heavily negative connotations. However with a growing elderly population of 6%, growing old is the new normal. It brings with it wonderful things such as a chance to reinvent yourself, learn a new skill and impart decades worth of wisdom to younger generations to come.

The portraits Sam captured here are of people who have maintained a sense of purpose with age. They have passions and interests that make life worth celebrating and age doesn’t have a thing to do with it.