Debut Photobook: Carlota Guerrero / Tengo un Dragón Dentro del Corazón (I Have a Dragon in My Heart)

CARLOTA GUERRERO's debut photobook, TENGO UN DRAGÓN DENTRO DEL CORAZÓN is an homage to female bonds and bodies, compiling over a decade of her images, performances and obsessions.

Over 100 powerful photographs chronicle Carlota’s career to date. From the early days when she was still a little-known artist cradled in the Mediterranean, to her first major breakthrough collaboration with Solange on the singer’s iconic ‘A Seat At The Table’ album artwork, right through to to the present day.

The book features texts by some of Carlota’s frequent collaborators including Rosalía, Rupi Kaur, Paloma Lanna, Leticia Sala and Alejandra Smits. The feminine energy that has enveloped Carlota’s life and defined her work exudes through the pages, and offers a view into her expansive, ethereal and fractal vision of femininity.

At the heart of Carlota’s work lies the ability to subvert the male gaze and transform the female nude into a “spiritual force.” In the opening pages Carlota describes that she has been a friend and an enemy of her body for thirty years, that “my body is the body of a woman, and, in the bodies of other women, I find a union.” Carlota's visuals reveal threads that connect all of humanity, and TENGO UN DRAGÓN DENTRO DEL CORAZÓN is a vessel offering a glimpse into this realm.

The book is available now at selected bookstores.