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The story of Iguana Island communicates a sense of opportunity when we step out of our comfort zones. A narrative that reminds us to connect with the important things, whether that be connecting with others or thinking more ecologically. Published by Hato Press.

Looking to past pandemics to determine the future of theatre.

Illustrating one woman’s experience in lockdown with her family, Isabella contributes to LIMBO – a new magazine about the state we’re in, with all profits supporting out-of-work artists & creatives.
Out now at @limbozine.

Isabella illustrates the confinement of sixteen French artists residing in the Villa Medici, Rome during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Isabella illustrates the rise of luxury houses making PPE in the fight against the pandemic.

About the Artist

Born in London but raised in Florence. Isabella is an artist illustrator. A continual observer of people with a great talent for capturing the humour, loneliness and tenderness of the human experience and in particular of those living in the city. Isabella often uses colour to reinforce the mood and bring to life her subject’s personality. Blessed with a wonderful imagination she chooses to play with memory and imagination to further explore hidden worlds or someones character in a relatable and refreshing style. A frequent contributor to Vogue she has most recently teamed up with Gucci in a range of printed children’s wear. She lives in Dalston, London.