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A new series of works by Isabella Cotier utilising surrealism and humour to tackle topics on mental health.

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Isabella has created a series of artworks and a travelling mural in support of The Humane League’s #ForgottenFish campaign, which aims to prevent the suffering of farmed fish in the UK. The campaign seeks to protect fish at their most vulnerable, urging the government to improve fish welfare and introduce proper legal protections.

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T Magazine’s list of the 25 most influential postwar women’s wear collections.

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About the Artist

Born in London but raised in Florence. Isabella is an artist illustrator. A continual observer of people with a great talent for capturing the humour, loneliness and tenderness of the human experience and in particular of those living in the city. Isabella often uses colour to reinforce the mood and bring to life her subject’s personality. Blessed with a wonderful imagination she chooses to play with memory and imagination to further explore hidden worlds or someone’s character in a relatable and refreshing style. A frequent contributor to Vogue, T Magazine, and M Le Monde, she has also collaborated with clients such as Gucci, Smythson, Liberty, and Max&Co. She lives in Dalston, London.

Client List

  • Elle Decor
  • Esquire Italia
  • Flaunt Magazine
  • Gucci
  • Liberty
  • Max&Co.
  • M Le Monde
  • Oka
  • Raffles Hotels
  • Salon Magazine
  • T Magazine
  • The New York Times
  • The Real Real
  • Vogue